The Lovers in a Dangerous Time


There can be no love without justice.
– Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions

How to we speak of Lovers in these times?  The ground shaking racist slaughter in Charleston days ago shook me out of my dreamy thoughts about The Lovers card in preparing for this Tarot Blog Hop post. It is impossible to ignore just how messed up and unjust the world is now.  Inequality, though not new, is at least more visible to more people that it has been in a long time. I can not just ponder the Lovers in the bubble of romance and personal choice I usually put it.

The Lovers card shows us lives in balance.  Two strong, whole people joined in equal stance facing the future with bravery and deep consideration.  They have the freedom to choose their next life path at the crossroads. We do not all have equal options. Could all peoples attain this same freedom?   How can we face and disarm the privilege and prejudice which obscures our view and can lead us to make limiting choices?

It is worth noting the heteronormative eurocentric symbolism both the traditional Lovers cards and many modern ones.    That’s the thing about racial inequality.  It is old and vastly integrated.  I teach from the Rider Waite Smith deck and I always give a small speech about the historical assumptions it makes of race, gender, sexuality and religion.  I note how some contemporary artists are shaking up these prejudiced views with creativity and inclusivity.  We have the choice to improve these outdated symbols.

marseilletarotloversThe symbols on the Lovers card in the Marseilles deck are about morality.  Pictured is the temptation of a man choosing between good and evil as represented by a light-haired woman and a dark-haired woman.  We see women embodying evil and blackness embodying evil.  Moral choice then changed into personal choice and then changed into romantic love as the card adapted over time.  I find the interpretation of simple romantic love limiting in most readings.  I usually combine it with the aspect of choice to draw on deeper layers of relevance.

What if we were to also reinstate the morality aspect back into the Lovers?  Not in it’s antiquated medieval form but as modern integrity and conscience.  When we face the Lovers card, we can choose a future based on our desire for our best possible outcome.  We can also choose to consult our values so that our choices reflect the world we want to build together, not just for us and our beloveds but the communities which surround us and humanity itself.  Justice and Judgement invite us to consider these things farther down the arcana road.  What if we were to consider them sooner?  I propose that we consider the choices presented by the Lovers card to include integrity that extends beyond our personal world. This is not a shift in the core interpretations of the card, but an addition, a call to integrate Justice into personal choice.

The decisions made by the Lovers are never light.  Lives change forever when we step forward at that crossroads.  We are at such a crossroads now.  I hope I can strive, with humility, to make life choices that create balance beyond just my personal world.

-Linda Beet


Bonus! This is a tarot spread about the personal work of Love.


The Divine Work of Eros Spread

What is your work with love right now? This spread shows different aspects of how you love yourself and others, the things you show and hide, need and give. It refers to how you are interacting in current relationships, friendships, with yourself or in how you are looking for love. How are you expressing yourself? What needs strengthening? What is your next step on your loving path?






  1. I seek this
    That which you are looking for. The things you are attracted to. What you yearn for. What are your true desires?

  2. I hide from this
    The aspects of loving you shy away from. The things you keep from the world. Boundaries – both healthy and fearful.

  3. My self love
    This reflects how you love yourself. How you feel about and treat yourself. Self worth, self care.

  4. My sexual love
    Your sexuality. Your sexual desires and healing. Your beliefs about your sexual self.

  5. I bring this
    Gifts you bring into relationships. Something you have to offer.

  6. I need to receive this
    Needs you have in relationships. Things you need to ask for.

  1. The next step to take in my loving journey
    Action. For the best possible outcome for love in your life, this shows a step you can take.


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10 thoughts on “The Lovers in a Dangerous Time

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  2. Great angle on the Lovers, which, with its very different imagery between pre- and post-RWS decks, provides several approaches to the idea of choice, but always with a moral flavor, I think. The spread is really awesome. I got wonderful results, including my gift being the 10 of Cups! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  3. This is a wonderful, insightful post. It reminded me of this JK Rowling-penned quotation by Albus Dumbledore: “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.” I, too, have been pondering this a lot lately in terms of the inequalities and violence here in the States. Thanks for your great discussion!

  4. That’s very interesting – thank you so much!

    What if The Lovers is not about making a choice between good (the blonde) and evil (the brunette) and shows a man choosing his lover over his mother? Or, if looking at the RWS deck, the long term benefit (woman looking at angel) over short term benefit (man looking at woman) 🙂

    I too like to explain that the RWS is what it is – the brain child of early 20th century Northern Europeans and that the archetypes depicted are not limited to the sex or colour of the persons in the images 🙂

    Nice little spread – I look forward to trying this out! Ali xxx

  5. I like this concept of making our choices with integrity, and to integrate not only our personal opposites, but also societal ones. A rousing call to living more inclusive lives 🙂

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