How to Get the Most from a Tarot Reading

cartas_tarotIs it Time For a Reading?

Your instinct will tell you when it is time to get a reading. Just because your friend got one, or you always get one in Spring or the office party has free ones does not necessarily mean you are in a place to really benefit from a reading. Follow your gut, it knows when it’s time for your next reading.

Which Intuitive Reader Should I See?

What works for one does not for another. Flashy websites, astounding credentials or rave reviews do not necessarily mean this is the right reader for you. Again, listen to your gut to see if there is a connection there between you and the reader you are considering. You want a reading that delivers the compassionate life changing truth you need, so browse from that place.

Questions Questions Questions

What is in a question? The more you know about what you want to look into, the quicker and more detailed the answers are. The truth is that what is important will arise regardless, so a question is not mandatory, but put some thought into what areas of your life could really use some insight. Get specific.  “Should I move?” is a question that can address; different location options, timing, who can I ask for help etc. Yes/No questions are difficult to answer with Tarot as it works in Universal Archetypes and not quick answers. A good reader will rephrase these questions for you.  What do I need to know about moving right now? Have a couple of backup questions on hand in case there is time to look at more than you expected.

“What car should I buy” is as important a question as “Am I following my best spiritual path”. Readings are about helping you align yourself with your best path in this moment. Listen to the answers from a deeper place than the questions. You may find greater insights than you had hoped for.

Use Your Own Intuition

Intuition is the main tool readers use to when helping you. Many years of experimentation and trusting that what we see is useful for ourselves and others is what led many readers to become professional. Following your own intuition in picking a reader is one of the best things  you can do to get the most from any intuitive service.

copyright Linda Beet