Elements of Tarot Class in Victoria

Elements of Tarot – Interactive Class in Intuitive Reading

An introduction for those with some or no experience. We will work with intuition to communicate with the divine in ourselves and others. Using contemporary and traditional techniques, explore how to intuitively use the mystical tool of Tarot. Learn card meanings, history, reading tools, trance, sacred space techniques and more in this interactive class.

January 24th to February 28th
Six Thursday evenings 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, Sliding Scale – $200 – 160

Deepening into Tarot – Advanced Tarot Studies

For those with a basic understanding of the cards, explore a deepening relationship with the mystical encyclopedia of tarot. Deepening on the work of the first class we draw on diverse spiritual traditions as well as new ways to read.

March 21st – April 25th
Six Thursday evenings 7:00 – 9:30pm
Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, Sliding Scale – $200 – 150

Linda Beet is a professional intuitive tarot reader and teacher. She has 20 years experience in tarot. Other influences include: metaphysics, energy and chakra work, meditation, astrology, mythology, theatre, and holistic healing.

Contact for more info:
linda beet