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Why am I a tarot reader?

pathIt started with skepticism and curiosity. About 23 years ago a friend bought me a tarot deck. I’ve always been drawn to the supernatural so I was thrilled but nervous at the idea. Even though my family was not particularly open to the mystical, as kids we used to practice ‘mind reading’ with cards and ‘telekinesis’ in the living room.

The deck of cards baffled and frustrated me for about 5 years. I did lots of readings and ignored any advice I didn’t like. I would pay for it later because they always seemed to be right. How the heck did that work? A mass-produced stack of coloured cardboard printed in China has intimate things to say about my life?

There began the long process of exploration. It was a good 10 years before I felt truly comfortable with the Tarot. At that point, my intuition opened up. I will not claim that I was born seeing auras and ancestors or that people saw mystical gifts in me. It was through years of study, hard work and spiritual practice that I found myself going beyond the cards. I began knowing the answer to the question before I turned them over. I truly believe that psychic senses are something we all have and can learn with study and an open heart. If we have the other 5 senses then why not the 6th? Late into my mystical journey I did discover that my birth family has a long controversial history with metaphysical experience and aptitude. This is fascinating, but not something that defines me.

At some point I found I knew more about Tarot than just about anything else. Friends had told me I should charge for readings for about 5 years when I finally decided to take the leap. After some business training I began reading at fairs, markets and metaphysical stores in Vancouver.  I soon discovered how much I loved teaching by offering tarot classes. I have never looked back. This is the most satisfying and meaningful work I have ever done. I am so grateful to be able to do this everyday.

Women's Winter Faire  2008
Women’s Winter Faire 2008

The readings I do today are a combination of psychic insights, spirit communication and good old-fashioned tarot card interpretation. A few mentors along the way who exclusively do psychic reading encouraged leave the cards behind.  I love the cards too much! The mythology, history, art, stories and visuals are so useful and enriching to reading. I hope I can be helpful to you on your journey.

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  1. I have worked with Linda for a number of years. Her readings are not only accuate but enjoyable too. She has gifted me with insights to my curent challenges and options on how to resolve them. Receiving a reading is always a treat

  2. I met with Linda today and she was very real, sweet with pin point intuitive guidance to my current and difficult situation. I left with new strategies on how to approach 2 things. I am very grateful for Linda’s time and gift. Thank you katie

  3. Hi Linda

    I was wondering if you could send me a copy of my tarot reading from July 26 at 1pm?

    I would love to hear it again


    Kelly Gray

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