Magic In The Shuffle: Intuitive Tarot With Linda Beet and Sharon Pink
May 12th & May 26 (10am-5pm)


We invite you to connect intuitively to the Tarot, to expand and deepen your connection with the cards. In this two day workshop over two weeks, you will learn creative spreads and facilitate readings all while feeling your own personal magic emerge and direct your learning. Through trance, meditation, knowledge sharing, and discussion, we will connect and teach each other. (We will cover traditional tarot practices as well as intuitive approaches.) We welcome folks with varying experience of Tarot and magic, whether you are brand new or well seasoned. Classes will be held within sacred space inspired by the practices of Reclaiming Witchcraft. Expect all the woo!

There is a 2 week break between classes to learn and practice Tarot in your spare time. Participants are asked to attend both classes and are encouraged to engage with the private Facebook group. Please contact us with any questions.


Location & Accessibility

dRAW heART studio
#324-1175 Cook Street
Victoria / Lkwungen territory

The building, room and washroom are wheelchair accessible. There are chairs available and a few cushions, and we encourage you to bring what you need to feel comfortable seated on the floor.

The facility is a SCENT FREE SPACE, and we are committed to honouring that. Please attend without using fragrances and/or scented products. This includes natural scented products such as plant and flower essences or essential oils. If you can smell it, DON’T USE IT!

There will be a 1 hour lunch break, and several affordable restaurant and cafe options nearby.


Registration & Timelines

Cost: $185-$285 sliding scale.

Pay what you comfortably can within this range.
Partial and full scholarships are an option based on availability.

For more information please contact Sharon at

Registration: Now until Monday, April 16th
To register, email
Payment Deadline: Monday, April 30th


What to Bring

•A Tarot deck (more than one if you have more you want to play with. If you need to buy one please ask if you want advice) We will have extras to play with. )
•Journal & pen
•Altar items
•Books, zines, decks, etc to share
•Water bottle and tea mug



Do you have a space for someone coming from out of town? Or perhaps you need a place to stay in Victoria? Please let us know and we will (do what we can to) make connections.


The Teaching Team

Linda and Sharon met 4 years ago when Linda was teaching the core Reclaiming class Elements of Magic, and they continue as teacher/student, mentor/mentee, co-facilitators and dear friends.

Linda Beet is a Tarot Reader and Reclaiming witch practicing in Lkwungen territory/Victoria BC. She has been reading, teaching and studying tarot and witchcraft for 25 years. She teaches intuitive tarot and how to find the messages beyond the cards. Focusing on finding practical, real world information, Linda likes to create spiritual experiences for immersive transformational learning.

Sharon Pink is a queer, femme, Tarot Reading magic-maker living and playing on unceded Coast Salish territory (aka Vancouver, BC). Although being a witch her whole life, in recent years, she has found a home amongst Reclaiming Witchcraft traditions and community. She has been reading Tarot for 5 years, and teaching for 2 years. She believes that there are as many ways to read Tarot as there are folks that do it.



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