Elements of Tarot class in Victoria Sept 2018

Come study tarot in downtown Victoria this Fall!

A nine week in depth study into the world of tarot, both traditional and intuitive approaches. Learn how to use this practical and ancient tool. An interactive and experimental workshop for beginners and advanced users alike.

We will cover reading techniques, tarot history and symbolism, psychic development exercises, reading for yourself and others, the numerology of tarot, guided meditations into the archetypes of tarot, sacred space tools to prepare for reading, tarot meanings and interpretation options and more.

Linda Beet is a tarot reader and teacher in Victoria BC with 25 years experience in metaphysics. She is a Reclaiming tradition witch and teaches classes from a spiritual and inclusive framework. She reads tarot Wed – Sat at Triple Spiral Metaphysical in Fan Tan Alley.

Limited seating, 6 spaces left (as of July 13th).

Sept 27 – Nov 22nd,
9 Thursday evenings
Sliding Scale tuition – $250 – $350
Visit Triple Spiral Metaphysical in Fan Tan Alley or
email for more info linda@intuitivearts.ca



Magic In The Shuffle: Intuitive Tarot With Linda Beet and Sharon Pink
May 12th & May 26 (10am-5pm)


We invite you to connect intuitively to the Tarot, to expand and deepen your connection with the cards. In this two day workshop over two weeks, you will learn creative spreads and facilitate readings all while feeling your own personal magic emerge and direct your learning. Through trance, meditation, knowledge sharing, and discussion, we will connect and teach each other. (We will cover traditional tarot practices as well as intuitive approaches.) We welcome folks with varying experience of Tarot and magic, whether you are brand new or well seasoned. Classes will be held within sacred space inspired by the practices of Reclaiming Witchcraft. Expect all the woo!

There is a 2 week break between classes to learn and practice Tarot in your spare time. Participants are asked to attend both classes and are encouraged to engage with the private Facebook group. Please contact us with any questions.


Location & Accessibility

dRAW heART studio
#324-1175 Cook Street
Victoria / Lkwungen territory

The building, room and washroom are wheelchair accessible. There are chairs available and a few cushions, and we encourage you to bring what you need to feel comfortable seated on the floor.

The facility is a SCENT FREE SPACE, and we are committed to honouring that. Please attend without using fragrances and/or scented products. This includes natural scented products such as plant and flower essences or essential oils. If you can smell it, DON’T USE IT!

There will be a 1 hour lunch break, and several affordable restaurant and cafe options nearby.


Registration & Timelines

Cost: $185-$285 sliding scale.

Pay what you comfortably can within this range.
Partial and full scholarships are an option based on availability.

For more information please contact Sharon at tarotbysharon@gmail.com.

Registration: Now until Monday, April 16th
To register, email tarotbysharon@gmail.com
Payment Deadline: Monday, April 30th


What to Bring

•A Tarot deck (more than one if you have more you want to play with. If you need to buy one please ask if you want advice) We will have extras to play with. )
•Journal & pen
•Altar items
•Books, zines, decks, etc to share
•Water bottle and tea mug



Do you have a space for someone coming from out of town? Or perhaps you need a place to stay in Victoria? Please let us know and we will (do what we can to) make connections.


The Teaching Team

Linda and Sharon met 4 years ago when Linda was teaching the core Reclaiming class Elements of Magic, and they continue as teacher/student, mentor/mentee, co-facilitators and dear friends.

Linda Beet is a Tarot Reader and Reclaiming witch practicing in Lkwungen territory/Victoria BC. She has been reading, teaching and studying tarot and witchcraft for 25 years. She teaches intuitive tarot and how to find the messages beyond the cards. Focusing on finding practical, real world information, Linda likes to create spiritual experiences for immersive transformational learning.

Sharon Pink is a queer, femme, Tarot Reading magic-maker living and playing on unceded Coast Salish territory (aka Vancouver, BC). Although being a witch her whole life, in recent years, she has found a home amongst Reclaiming Witchcraft traditions and community. She has been reading Tarot for 5 years, and teaching for 2 years. She believes that there are as many ways to read Tarot as there are folks that do it. www.sharonishere.com



The Lovers in a Dangerous Time


There can be no love without justice.
– Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions

How to we speak of Lovers in these times?  The ground shaking racist slaughter in Charleston days ago shook me out of my dreamy thoughts about The Lovers card in preparing for this Tarot Blog Hop post. It is impossible to ignore just how messed up and unjust the world is now.  Inequality, though not new, is at least more visible to more people that it has been in a long time. I can not just ponder the Lovers in the bubble of romance and personal choice I usually put it.

The Lovers card shows us lives in balance.  Two strong, whole people joined in equal stance facing the future with bravery and deep consideration.  They have the freedom to choose their next life path at the crossroads. We do not all have equal options. Could all peoples attain this same freedom?   How can we face and disarm the privilege and prejudice which obscures our view and can lead us to make limiting choices?

It is worth noting the heteronormative eurocentric symbolism both the traditional Lovers cards and many modern ones.    That’s the thing about racial inequality.  It is old and vastly integrated.  I teach from the Rider Waite Smith deck and I always give a small speech about the historical assumptions it makes of race, gender, sexuality and religion.  I note how some contemporary artists are shaking up these prejudiced views with creativity and inclusivity.  We have the choice to improve these outdated symbols.

marseilletarotloversThe symbols on the Lovers card in the Marseilles deck are about morality.  Pictured is the temptation of a man choosing between good and evil as represented by a light-haired woman and a dark-haired woman.  We see women embodying evil and blackness embodying evil.  Moral choice then changed into personal choice and then changed into romantic love as the card adapted over time.  I find the interpretation of simple romantic love limiting in most readings.  I usually combine it with the aspect of choice to draw on deeper layers of relevance.

What if we were to also reinstate the morality aspect back into the Lovers?  Not in it’s antiquated medieval form but as modern integrity and conscience.  When we face the Lovers card, we can choose a future based on our desire for our best possible outcome.  We can also choose to consult our values so that our choices reflect the world we want to build together, not just for us and our beloveds but the communities which surround us and humanity itself.  Justice and Judgement invite us to consider these things farther down the arcana road.  What if we were to consider them sooner?  I propose that we consider the choices presented by the Lovers card to include integrity that extends beyond our personal world. This is not a shift in the core interpretations of the card, but an addition, a call to integrate Justice into personal choice.

The decisions made by the Lovers are never light.  Lives change forever when we step forward at that crossroads.  We are at such a crossroads now.  I hope I can strive, with humility, to make life choices that create balance beyond just my personal world.

-Linda Beet


Bonus! This is a tarot spread about the personal work of Love.


The Divine Work of Eros Spread

What is your work with love right now? This spread shows different aspects of how you love yourself and others, the things you show and hide, need and give. It refers to how you are interacting in current relationships, friendships, with yourself or in how you are looking for love. How are you expressing yourself? What needs strengthening? What is your next step on your loving path?






  1. I seek this
    That which you are looking for. The things you are attracted to. What you yearn for. What are your true desires?

  2. I hide from this
    The aspects of loving you shy away from. The things you keep from the world. Boundaries – both healthy and fearful.

  3. My self love
    This reflects how you love yourself. How you feel about and treat yourself. Self worth, self care.

  4. My sexual love
    Your sexuality. Your sexual desires and healing. Your beliefs about your sexual self.

  5. I bring this
    Gifts you bring into relationships. Something you have to offer.

  6. I need to receive this
    Needs you have in relationships. Things you need to ask for.

  1. The next step to take in my loving journey
    Action. For the best possible outcome for love in your life, this shows a step you can take.


This post is part of the summer solstice tarot blog hop of the major arcana.
Click the links below to see the posts before and after this one.



10 Things Every New Tarot Student Should Know

When I cracked open my first tarot deck 23 years ago I had no idea how far my studies would go.  A lot of trial and error have marked the journey. Here are a few things I wish I could tell my 19 year old self to help her sidestep a few insecurities and roadblocks on the way.

1. You do not need to leave your skepticism at the door.


There is no need for blind faith here. Bringing an open mind and heart allows room for your experiences to reveal what is truthful to you. You may find tarot is an entirely secular activity, invoking the subconscious or reflecting your dreams. You might also encounter a whole multiverse of spiritual creatures and psychic insights.  I even recommend bringing your critical mind with you.  Deep examination reveals more personal truths than just accepting other people’s philosophies.

2. It’s ok if you don’t connect with your deck.

Get another one. This is an inexpensive hobby. Don’t try to force a relationship with a deck if you just aren’t hitting it off. I didn’t understand my first deck. I still don’t. I felt like I wasn’t trying hard enough to connect with it but it just didn’t resonate. Try a few until you find one that touches the heart, then dig in and build a relationship.

3. You don’t have to know anything about tarot to do a useful reading.

Intuition. That’s all you need. If you have the first five senses then why not the sixth? It might take a while to recognize the voice and trust what it’s saying but it’s there. There are lots of exercises and approaches to bringing intuition into a tarot practice but you don’t need any of them to get started.  Go with your gut. If thoughts, images or emotions emerge while you are reading the cards, follow them and see what happens.  Comparing them to the traditional meanings of the cards may reveal synchronicity.

4. Tarot books are both your ally and your foe.
free books3

I love tarot books. They are invaluable sources of insight, but they can become a crutch. Try giving yourself time to let information rise from within for each card you draw before automatically flipping the pages to see what someone else has to say.  Write down your own impressions as well as what you read.  This builds your relationship with the cards which allows you to leave the books behind completely when you are ready.

5. You are entering a world of contradiction and paradox.

The tarot community is a diverse world of conflicting rules, creative history and incompatible interpretations. Many teachers say to pick one system and stick with it. I have developed the attention span of the internet age so I tend to study multiple threads at a time.  I would definitely recommend sticking with one deck for a while, and using the system that connects to it as a home base.  It becomes clear the deeper you go that the differences are irrelevant and not that discordant after all.

6. Studying with others speeds things up immensely.

Thousands of people around the world are studying tarot every day. Find them in person or online and play. Reading for each other is fun and enlightening. Reading for other people teaches you a lot more than just pulling cards about your own issues over and over.

7. Fear not the future. Nothing you read in the cards seals your fate.

Fate is not fixed. You will not uncover unavoidable disasters in the future. You may read about uncomfortable possible outcomes based on your current path. You may see potential negative outcomes based on different options. How you choose to move forward and how you approach the future is up to you.  Intuitive reading gives you the freedom to follow your best possible path.

8. Don’t be afraid of the ‘scary’ cards.

google tarot-swords-03Ominous Death and the Flaming Tower! The Bloody Pierced Heart! The Slain Warrior Alone and in Pain! Ack! Doom is not raining down upon you when you pull a frightful image. Each card presents a full spectrum of gifts and challenges.  There are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cards.  As in life, we have challenges and gifts and they are often in the same package.   Interpreting these cards becomes easier the more you pull them.  Once you see what they reflect in your daily life you see how normal they are.  They can represent shadow strengths, hard-fought victories or transformative learning opportunities.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

9. People LOVE having their cards read.

We love to hear about ourselves. Don’t be nervous about practicing on friends or worry about giving bad readings. If what you say resonates, they will take that piece away. Anything that misses the mark likely won’t be remembered. Trust people to know themselves. Besides, they get what they pay for.

10.This will take a long time.

Gaining a comfortable understanding of the cards can take years. Mastering the art of tarot takes a lifetime. It’s worth it. You can chip away at  it over years, slowly integrating this tool your life or throw yourself in the deep end with dedication and focus.  Either way, the rewards come quickly and consistently.  Enjoy the long beautiful road ahead.


Anything questions or anything you would add to the list?  Please comment below!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Tarot History

I discovered this marvelous infographic by Kirsten Weiss, The Metaphysical Detective.

This is the most concise and entertaining way I have seen to explain the history of the tarot.  Researchers may forever disagree on some of the finer points, but it seems that she has captured the general consensus on tarot’s origins.  Thanks to Kristen for sharing her skills.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Tarot

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5 Ways to Get to Know a New Tarot Deck

A gift, an online find, a hand me down or a thrift store treasure –  it’s hard to  know where the next tarot deck will come from.  When one has found its way into my home I like to take the time to savour the introduction.  I wait for a quiet moment, open the box and dig in.

5 Steps to Get to Know Your New Tarot Deck:
  1. Ground and Reset

    If you acquired a used deck – which is just as fabulous and valuable as a squeaky brand new one, clear the energy that came with it.  Holding the deck, ground your energy into the earth and allow anything you no longer need to be taken with it. It’s a communal energy bath. Then put the deck in chronological order so that all the numbers and suits are in order.  It helps reset the energy to neutral. This is usually how a new deck arrives.  From here on I treat it like a new deck. If you started with a new deck, ground  to gather your focus.

  2. Look Through the Cards One at a Time

    Enjoy these valuable first impressions.    Look at each card.  Is it heartwarming, neutral, breathtaking, disappointing, forgettable, captivating?  Don’t judge your reactions.  I like go through the deck twice as I am always amazed at what I missed.

  3. “What will our relationship be?”

    Take a few deep breaths and shuffle the cards. The first question I always ask the new deck is “What will our relationship be?” Pull one card off the top of the deck. If you have your own way to interpret the cards, carry on. If this is a new process don’t rush to the book just yet. Take a few minutes to look at the card.  Notice what jumps out, which feelings or stories come to mind. I recommend starting a Tarot journal. This is a revealing reading to revisit.  If you feel disappointed or worried about the card that came up, don’t panic. Each card is a transformative force. Time will show the deeper meanings.

  4. Lay All the Cards Out
              This is just the Minor Arcana, keep going...
    This is just the Minor Arcana, keep going…

    This step is more involved but worth it. Lay out all the cards in order in a grid.  You may need to be creative with your space. Take in the whole story.  There are 456,456 possible card combinations for  a three card reading.  Before wandering into that magical chaos, take time to look at the original order. Look for the patterns: colours, images, textures, tones. Where does it flow? What seems discordant?  What are you more drawn to? If you can, leave the cards out for a while and revisit to see how your perception changes.

  5. Finally, Read the Book

    If your deck came with a little white book (lwb) this step doesn’t take long. Some decks stay true to the traditional interpretations but others take a lot of creative licence. It is useful to know what the creator of your deck intended, to know what are their influences and interpretations.  Introductions are made!  Doing a one card reading every day is a simple, effective way to get to know each other further.  If you add other decks to your family you will see how their personalities differ and enrich your tarot practice.

    Search Here at Powell’s Books Online Store for New or Old Tarot Decks

    Please leave a comment!  What do you do when you open a new deck?

How to Get the Most from a Tarot Reading

cartas_tarotIs it Time For a Reading?

Your instinct will tell you when it is time to get a reading. Just because your friend got one, or you always get one in Spring or the office party has free ones does not necessarily mean you are in a place to really benefit from a reading. Follow your gut, it knows when it’s time for your next reading.

Which Intuitive Reader Should I See?

What works for one does not for another. Flashy websites, astounding credentials or rave reviews do not necessarily mean this is the right reader for you. Again, listen to your gut to see if there is a connection there between you and the reader you are considering. You want a reading that delivers the compassionate life changing truth you need, so browse from that place.

Questions Questions Questions

What is in a question? The more you know about what you want to look into, the quicker and more detailed the answers are. The truth is that what is important will arise regardless, so a question is not mandatory, but put some thought into what areas of your life could really use some insight. Get specific.  “Should I move?” is a question that can address; different location options, timing, who can I ask for help etc. Yes/No questions are difficult to answer with Tarot as it works in Universal Archetypes and not quick answers. A good reader will rephrase these questions for you.  What do I need to know about moving right now? Have a couple of backup questions on hand in case there is time to look at more than you expected.

“What car should I buy” is as important a question as “Am I following my best spiritual path”. Readings are about helping you align yourself with your best path in this moment. Listen to the answers from a deeper place than the questions. You may find greater insights than you had hoped for.

Use Your Own Intuition

Intuition is the main tool readers use to when helping you. Many years of experimentation and trusting that what we see is useful for ourselves and others is what led many readers to become professional. Following your own intuition in picking a reader is one of the best things  you can do to get the most from any intuitive service.

copyright Linda Beet

Tarot Weekend Workshop and Aspecting with Urania 2014

I have two weekend workshops on offer March 2014. Elements of Tarot will be on March 1st and 2nd.  I am very excited to be inviting fellow Reclaiming Witch Urania up from California to offer her Drawing Down the Moon class with me. Prerequisites required – details below. (respond with unsubscribe in the subject line to stop me from telling you these things)

Elements of Tarot Weekend Workshop
March 1st/2nd
Fernwood, Victoria
First time in Victoria as a weekend format!

This weekend intensive is an immersion into the mystical world of Tarot. An introductory journey for those with some or no experience. Exploring contemporary and traditional techniques, learn how to intuitively use the spiritual tool of Tarot. We will dive into card meanings, energetic reading tools, trance journeys, personal and partner readings, tarot games and psychic development. Advanced class follows on from this material.

Linda Beet is a professional tarot reader with 20 years experience. Topics include: psychic development, magic and ritual, chakra work, creative studies, astrology, meditation and mythology.

Cost – sliding scale (pay what you can) $200 – $160
Fernwood, Victoria
directions upon registration
March 1st and 2nd
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

DRAWING DOWN THE MOON: The Art and Practice of Aspecting
March 28-30 2014

Aspecting is a pathway to personal encounters with the Gods. It is beautiful and transformative. It can lead us to the deepest, most intimate relationships with the Divine.

In this playshop we will explore techniques and the practice of aspecting as it’s done in the Reclaiming Tradition. We’ll play with why this interests us, what calls us, what calls our ego and our hearts. We’ll step into the practice by considering wards and boundaries, exploring dropped and open attention and other techniques that prepare and open us to receive as well as let go and return to ourselves. And we’ll play with the Divine; that which resides within us and that which can be invoked from without.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic or equivalent
Recommended: Iron Pentacle

Beet and Urania are longtime dedicants to this practice and have succeeded through trial and error with the Gods, who are often patient and always forgiving.

Cost $150-$350 sliding scale
Subsidies may be possible
Location – Fairfield, Victoria
Billeting may be possible for out of town students.

March 28th -30th
Friday 7:30 – 10pm
Saturday 10 – 6pm
Sunday 10 – 5pm

contact Linda Beet to register for either class or with your questions!
space is limited

Elements of Magic with Ruby and Beet

Elements of Magic with Ruby and Beet – NEW DATES!
Introduction to Reclaiming Witchcraft
Victoria, Nov 29 – Dec 1st

Combine your passion for the earth, activism and spirituality in this energetic tradition of ecstasy, community and deepening connections to the rhythms of the earth.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Explore the Elements. Flow down into the earth. Reach up into the sky. With trance, movement, chanting, story, earth magic, spellcrafting, raising energy and ritual creation you will learn how to create sacred space and contain, sense and move energy, which is at the heart of all change and magical transformation. Walking our talk as beings of the earth, let’s listen deeper to the voices within and dance with what is revealed.

Based on the work of Starhawk and the Reclaiming Tradition, a practice of witchcraft based on ‘the understanding that earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected. We see the Goddess as immanent in the earth’s cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration. Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to the linking of magic with political action.’ From the Reclaiming Principles of Unity.

Participants are asked to read the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk in preparation for this course.

Ruby has been an activist and Reclaiming Witch for longer than she can remember, in more ways than she can count. Steeped in the magic of the coastal rainforest, she brings her passion and pleasure of working magic and deep love of the earth and watery beings to all parts of her life. Living on the edge of the Salish Sea, she has worked for many years in ocean activism and loves teaching elemental magic.

Beet is a Reclaiming Witch from Victoria. Active in the community since 1995, she has learned all sorts of things that she now enjoys sharing in classes. Her favourite magical things are: drumming, chanting, tarot, creating mystical experiences, sharing ecstatic energy, communicating with the divine and telling stories. An intuitive reader by trade, she loves to highlight the magical in the mundane by pulling the curtains back with irreverent mirth. Her background in tarot, theatre, music, activism, community organization and the intuitive arts inform her work in this class.

Cost – Sliding scale, $220 – $120, pay what you can

Location – SPARC, James Bay, directions on registration

Friday the 20th, 7-10pm
Saturday the 21st, 9-4pm
Sunday the 22nd, 9-4pm

To Register



Other classes by Linda Beet this Fall:
In Victoria:


Psychic Exploration Salon
Nov 14th


Spirit Guide Connections Salon
Dec 5th

Spiraling into the Centre with Sunnove in Seattle
Oct 19 – 20